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Jeffree Star Blood Lust Palette (Updated)

Good Morning MoonPies!It’s finally here…Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Lust! OMG! Didn’t realize how pretty this palette was until I had it in my possession. Nothing like getting a pink box…in this case purple 🤩Always love getting kicker cards with my JSC packages. Recently started collecting them since Blood Sugar.First let’s talk about this unique exquisite packaging…it’s just beautiful and so Jeffree Star. It actually looks much bigger than I originally thought it would be…so much more prettier in person.Crushed velvet so luxurious to the touch. Sofopa…if you’re looking for a stunning collectors edition that’s going to look absolutely amazing on your vanity and give you mad makeup, then this is certainly a must-have.With Jeffree’s emblem centered in gold foil. Put me in the mind of a rare vintage perfume bottle.It does have a bit of weight to it and it’s really not an carry me in your makeup bag…not travel-friendly sorry ladies.The palette is comprised of 18 highly pigmented shades nestled inside the most gorgeous rich purple crushed velvet hexagon.Such pretty shades yet it’s not exclusively all purple shades, which would’ve made it that much more better. Color scheme does throw me off cause I was looking/ hoping for a true purple palette.The shadows are made up of mattes, foils, metallics and a brand new ‘extreme wet’ formula that looks ultra wet and glossy on the lids.🤩

Your Majesty: Bone white matte
Take the Crown: Icy lavender metallic
Deviant: Lavender matte
Beauty Sleep: Gold pink duo chrome
Wet Jewel: Reflective light pink metallic (brand new ‘extreme wet’ formula)
Royal Pain: Warm red/mauve matte
Dungeon: Dark plum matte
Scandal Water: Blue-lavender matte
Sworn Enemy: Metallic gold-green with glitter shift
Pink Magic: Reflective red (brand new ‘extreme wet’ formula)
Bleeding Heart: Metallic red
Executioner: Black with purple/pink glitter shift
High King: Berry purple matte
Vivid Mood: Hot lavender purple matte
Monarchy: Muted brown matte
Blood Queen: Reddish purple matte
Vile Serpent: Hot teal matte
Betrayal: Purple with duo chrome gold shiftThe shades are all vegan and cruelty-free.This color scheme is definitely different from the other blood palettes which had shades that correspond with the look and theme of the collection. So far these are the shades that jumps right out at me every time I open this palette up.Pink Magic, Wet Jewel, Take the Crown, Beauty SleepWhether you’re a fan of Jeffree Star or simply just want some truly bomb shades that packs a helluva punch, this is that palette.I honestly don’t have any regrets about getting this, it completes my Blood Collection. This palette was worth the money and I’m in purple heaven right now.What do you think about the new Blood Lust Collection? Let me know in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Jeffree Star Blood Lust Palette (Updated)

    1. I love JS palettes and they are all so pretty and true to theme. You’re going to love his formula…shades are pigmented…not all, but overall I like them.
      That’s the very reason why I got this palette for the purple tones and the pop of colors to tag along.


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