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Morphe x Jeffree Star Artistry Palette

Hey Babes, I finally got my hands on the Morphe x Jeffree Star palette and I’m super stoked about it. I’ve read the reviews and as you know some was good and others not so good…yet I threw caution too the wind and got it.

When Jeffree revealed this palette I was shooked… absolutely loved the color story. I’ve been wanting to buy this palette since last year but could never justify the cost for something I would only use every once in awhile.

With this being an Morphe palette the price was just justifiable, enough to purchase since it’s a JSC collab.

These colors are super fun, and the shimmers and one glitter shade are, as Jeffree would say… stunning! But honestly, the shades “Back” and “My” are what sold me on the palette; I have been waiting FOREVER for a reputable cosmetics line to put out a matte, pigmented pastel pink. Not a white/cream/nude tone with a hint of pink, not a pastel pink with a little shimmer… a true. matte. pastel pink.

When I saw this palette had not one, but two shades, I knew my waiting wasn’t in vain.

As far as the quality… it’s a Morphe palette. I feel that speaks for itself. It’s probably not as good as a JSC palette, but it’s much more affordable if you just want that classic iconic Jeffree Star pop of color in your collection.

This is something very different for morphe seeing as though their palettes normally have one very cohesive story (exceptions being the discontinued 35b and the james charles palette). Jeffree’s brand is some what prestige high end brand so his collaboration with morphe made it more affordable for his supporters to own something he created.

With that being said it’s a pressed pigment palette so some colors are not intended for immediate eye use also following suit is fallout when using pigments so when using the palette keep these things in mind. Though the palette has a two toned color story all of the colors fit together SO well.

Every time I reach for this palette I’ll know I will be getting such a beautifully blended look.

To get the most color payoff I recommend packing on the deepest most colorful shade you wish to use first and then blend it out with a lighter color. I’ve realized the colors perform best that way.

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