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Makeup Revolution Haul

Hello beauties, back with another haul… oh, yes I’m making up for lost time. Again, can’t stress enough how much I love a good sale and I found it on the Makeup Revolution website.

Wasn’t looking for anything in particular but ran across this beautiful tropical palette that literally stopped me from moving forward. Clicked on the image and it gagged me something wonderful. Those big bold bright pigmented shades stole my heart honestly. I needed it in my collection

Introducing Birds Of Paradise, with 16 bright shades of mattes and shimmer.

Loving this palette, colors are dense like any high end brand, just more affordable. Packaging is also beautiful and tropical.

Sea blues, summery oranges, tropical purples, lush greens and canary yellows make this palette super fun and fresh. You can get this palette for $15 Birds Of Paradise Palette

Conceal and Define Infinite Concealer & Conceal and Hydrate Radiance Foundation with Hyaluronic Acid Medium/ Full Coverage

Ultimate full-coverage, long wear concealer, Conceal & Define Infinite. This concealer offers 16 hour wear with 20% more pigment and 20% more coverage. The formula has been infused with pore-refining niacinamide, making it perfect for blemish prone skin with it’s soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Revolution Banana powder in Deep reminds me of the Ben Nye Banana powder I’m really hoping that it doesn’t gives off that flashback look when taking pictures.

Responding to customers demand, Revolution has introduced 7 new shades of their Loose Baking Powders, bringing their range to a total of 10 shades for all skin tones.

The new shades offering incorporates 3 of their existing shades, including Lace, White and bestselling Luxury Banana Baking Powder, offering the same unbeatable setting and brightening power of the original.

The Mystery Bag… I received this cause my order was $25…super excited about free goodies. Let’s take a look inside.

Received this stippling brush to use with the foundation. Synthetic bristles for applying liquid products like foundation for an airbrush look.

Another wonderful product that reminds me of Colourpop jelly shadows. This highlight is perfect for body and face. Nice shade for that summer glow.

I love Chocolate Golden Bar Palette

As a woman who loves her chocolate this is truly a chocolate treat. 16 gorgeous shades that’s deliciously tempting. Packaged like a chocolate candy bar with gold wrapping…another reminder of how this looked lito Faced chocolate palette. And the shades has names…great palette for those that like neutral hues and looks.

I Love Revolution Unicorn Palette

How can you not fall in love with cutie pie. Rich vibrant shades with the Pressed unicorn head. Definitely a springy /summery palette with nice pastels shades of purples, lilacs, pinks, silvers and gold the endless magical looks you could create. Reminds me of JS Mini Breaker…do you agree?

Overall I’m very happy with my order considering I picked everything except the contents of the mystery bag. I’m goig to do a full face using makeup revolution products from this haul.

I would honestly recommend trying this UK based brand out if you haven’t already. So many cool products and awesome eyeshadow palettes …where everything is very affordable.

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