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Secret Of Pharoh Collection

Hey beauties, yes I’m back with another post and I’m excited too share this brand with you guys. Awhile back I was on a site looking around and I found these palettes, but they were sold out so I went on the original site that sales the palettes and I was SHOOKED! This adorable collection is called SECERT OF PHAROH from a company called EBIN New York and they’re located in NYC.

GODDESS OF TREASURE is such a beautiful palette that I can’t stop staring at it. Bright and colorful with warm neutrals for versatile looks. Beautiful 12 exquisite colors.

This fun, vivid yet playful palette is definitely not a hidden treasure. Containing a perfect mixture of matte, satin and glitter shades.

These swatches definitely are showing the true shades…now on picture Horus looks like a white shadow when in fact it’s a icy blue shade. For the most part this palette is definitely worth the money and I’m living for it.

CLEOPATRA’S LOVE Is the palette that pulled me in and had me to sought it out. The shades inside this palette is definitely my favorite. Color story is has the shades fit for a Royal Queen like Cleopatra. A very nice plum neutral palette. Everyone knows that purple is a color for Royalty so I knew it was something I needed.

This seductive set of shades is perfect for a romantic look or sultry smokey eyes that’s sure to capture any lover’s attention.

This collection has a total of seven palettes and they are…

Egyptian Sunset, Golden Empire, Coral Oasis, Sandstorm Cleopatra’s Love, Goddess Treasure and Desert Rose

I just ordered Egyptian Sunset, which has some really nice shades. These palettes are very reasonably priced and so far has good quality formula. These palettes were $15.99 plus tax.

Packaging on these palettes are super cute and it’s giving me nothing but love cause I love good cute packaging and there’s names for the shades…everything I absolutely love in a palette.

If you’re interested in owning these or any of the other five just click on EBIN New York

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