Makeup Revolution Viva Neon Shadow Palette

VIVA LA REVOLUTION! Bringing the summer feeling home with the Viva Neon collection.

Makeup Revolution is all about Neon! When I saw these no way was I not going to order. This brand is really tugging at my heart for all the affordable products that you can get with some hit and misses like any other brand.After close examination these palettes are definitely dupes of HUDA BEAUTY Neon Obsession Collection.

Neon Obsession Collection

Photo courtesy of Huda Beauty

I haven’t used anything from Huda Beauty and when I saw these I was SHOOKED let me tell you. They look so much alike that it’s uncanny. Now some of the shades are slightly different as the color scheme is similar. Let’s take a look at these gorgeous palettes.

This darling is called Party Vibes and it has alot of pinks and purples. This palette is the reason I wanted these. Oh my, these shades are vibrant tucked inside bright neon packaging

This is the Huda Beauty Neon pink palette which you can clearly see that the aesthetics are similar in colors as well as packaging.

Not A Dream is a very beautiful palette that plays with rich reds, oranges and golds that’s sure to give you that smoldering smokey eye.

Huda Beauty Neon Orange palette has a nice yellow shade with gorgeous shades of reds,oranges and warm hues for a beautiful sparkling eye.

Up All Night has shades of greens, golds. What I like most about this palette is the pop of color to round out the greens and golds. Only 3 matte greens which is very disheartening.

Huda Beauty Neon Green palette also has 3 green shades with some warm neutral hues to round out this cutie.

After swatching the Makeup Revolution palettes I found out that some shades aren’t as pigmented as I originally thought, while some just popped.

As far as the texture some of the mattes are a bit chalky. Each palette does has it’s own pros and cons when it comes to texture. Most are very creamy which I like.

It’s not to mention that for the price point your getting a good deal, these shadows can be more vibrant I figure if you’re going to use a white base to really bring out their true vibrancy.

Each palette will cost you $9 right now you can get 3 for 2…while Huda’s neon obsession collection costs $29…that’s a $20 difference.

Overall, these palettes are fun and makes a great addition to any palette collection.

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