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Makartt Pink Polygel Nail Kit

Since Miss Rona, made her appearance on the world…things has changed so much that the world we once knew nolonger exists. We literally have a new way of living that’s because everything was or is still closed.

This is where girls, including myself have taken matters into our own hands, doing DIY’s like hair & nails to keep ourselves up during the quarantine. Looks like the sales of nail supplies and tools has went up and you can’t find nail kits anywhere on the shelves, and some are out of stock online. Everyone is doing their own nails now and changing the game as beginners are becoming self taught professionals at home.

This is why I wanted to do get into doing my own nails, it’s very hard trying to get an appointment when they are taking only 3 customers at a time. I don’t have the time to spend 2 or 3 hours waiting to get my nails done, why not do them at home and create my own custom design for a fraction of the salon price.

After doing some research on nail products watching hours of nail tutorials while gaining alot of knowledge. So I read reviews about different brands and I wrote down about 3 to give myself some time to really test them out.

I purchased my first kit from MAKARTT and I was very excited to try it out and see what my results will be like. I got the Pink polygel kit with three different shades of pinks and a clear, along with slip solution, dual forms,dual brush/spatula, nail file and base and top coat. This kit costed me about $34 not bad.

After nearly 20 + years, I was in for a big surprise working with the polygel. Seeming it on videos where they make it look so simple and easy. But they don’t let you know how messy and sticky it can be if your not familiar with it.

Following the directions and getting polygel all over my hands I finally created my first set. I was happy with the results after only trying it once and being out the nail game for years, a girl got alot to catch upon.

My set lasted me for two weeks and there wasn’t any lifting. I just gotta learn how not to flood my cuticles, but that was easier said than done lol.

Must admit that this process was very easy and simple. Just got to take my time and keep practicing until I have perfection in my skills. Thank Miss Rona, cause I’m finding something that is bringing me joy and helping me to better my skills. Since Rona, have you tried your hands at doing your own nails?

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