My Nail Journey

It’s been awhile since I shared anything with you, today is a great time. Since this quarantine and me leaving my job after coming off medical leave, I’ve been very depressed and smoking like a chimney 2 packs a day, I honestly needed to get out of this funk I’ve been going through.

The one thing that use to make me happy doesn’t anymore. A friend helped boost my spirits by giving me a nail kit. I’m saying to myself that this kit isn’t what I wanted, but it was from her heart to release me from depression, so I thought why not I’m not doing anything and not in the mood to do makeup anymore, this my help me.

This Makartt Pink Polygel Kit really changed my attitude and intimidating cause I haven’t done my nails in a very long time. Obvious the nail game has changed so much.

This kit contains 4 polygels, solution, nail file, spatula, base and top coat and dual forms. If you not familiar with polygel (like myself) YouTube can be your bestfriend.

Watched hours of nail videos and found a few channels that really helped ease my nerves about polygel. After my first attempt,they turned out pretty ok yet messy.

Tried the stiletto shape and like the results. Tried marbling and fell in love with it. Over the last few months my love for nails is showing and I like the way polygel is super easy to use and using the dual forms helps alot and the fact my nails held up was impressive.

Doing nails aren’t as bad as I thought I would be, after tying polygel I see that it’s simple and easy peasy. Just learning how much polygel to use is key to the perfect nail application.

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