Saviland Blue Cat’s Eye Polygel Nail Kit

Since starting doing my own nails at home I’m really starting to like this polygel and it’s super duper easy while it can be a messy. After trying out the makartt pink polygel kit, I had to try out another and I took to Amazon and found a shit load of kits.

The SAVILAND polygel nail kits are pretty reasonably priced so I ordered a few and did my review and they paid me for them, more like reimbursed me, so I got them free, gotta love that. Now, this kit caught my eyes because of the cat’s eye polygel.

I’ve seen it in a few videos and tried my hands at creating a nice set of nails that I could be proud of…This kit contains 7 polygels, base and top coat, file, slip solution, double ended spatula, nail forms and dual forms.

All the colors are absolutely gorgeous and they each complements one another. What I actually like about this kit is the clear polygel. It’s crystal clear and doesn’t turns yellow like the makartt clear polygel.

There’s some pros and cons for this kit, pros…you get a nice amount of polygel and the price is great. My only con is that you don’t get enough slip solution so I started using 99% isopropyl alcohol as a slip solution and it worked out very good. Everything is all neatly tucked inside a beautiful blue box which is very pleasing to the eyes.

My second nail set and used a few gems to dress up my nails. The color are pretty and it took me about 4hours to both hands…I know, it’s been awhile since I’ve done my nails and adding stones add that extra time. Nonetheless, the end results is well worth it.

Mixing colors to get a marbling effect didn’t go as plan and I suck at nail designs for sure. This kit was super cool to use and it has given me new found hope that I’ll be doing videos and sharing my progression along the way.

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