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Rossi Nail Glam Your Nails Mystery Box


I know I’ve been gone for a while and just to let you know- I’m so over this covid19 pandemic, just ready to get back to living life.

It’s a new year with nothing but great opportunities and possibilities for us to experience and explore, speaking of new experiences, man learning to do my own nails has really been an amazing journey of ups and downs. Since doing my nails back in the summer of last year, I think I’ve gotten better.

Last week I was contacted by ROSSI NAILS to become an Rossi Nails Star Influencer and they sent me this cute mystery box. Which brings me to this post. Since doing my nails I’ve been really hooked on polygel and hard gels as well as biab (Builder Gel in a Bottle) so when they sent me this tiny little box, needless to say, I was very excited to see what mystery awaited me. And my box finally arrived and excited to share.

Rossi Nails Glam Your Nails Secert Mystery Box

This contains 1 random dip powder, base coat, activator and top coat. Everything you need for a perfect dip set. For a girl like myself, dipping wasn’t something I thought I would actually like and it’s very easy and not that time consuming. Just a few steps and voila, you’re all set.

Now, if your new to dipping like myself, there’s a few things that you must do so you’ll have salon quality nails in no time.

First, you’re definitely going to want to read a follow the instructions so you can get the full spectrum of the products and process.

Whenever you do your nails you always want to prep your nails no matter if it’s acrylic, gel or dip. You want to make sure you use a dehydrator, primer and base coat to protect your natural nails. Now the fun begins.

I’ve spent a few hours watching videos on how to do dip and saw a few different shortcuts, but for this review only the initial version so I don’t confuse you.

1. Apply base coat to nail

2. Dip nail into dip powder until nail is covered, brush off excess powder and repeat until your happy with the color your going for.

3. Apply activator then buff nail and reapply activator.

4. Apply your top coat wait for 30 seconds for top coat to dry and reapply top coat once more.

5. Done!

This is my first time doing a dip a I must say that it was quick and fast. Nails are solid and the color is beautiful, it’s called Manhattan. Nice pastel lilac color great for spring/ summer. What I didn’t like was the base & top coats, they have a very strong glue order…now the powder itself was very fine not gritty gives nice coverage. I actually loved the powder best.

Added a cute accent, Valentine Day is Sunday, why not have cute valentine day nails.

My overall thoughts on this product is I actually like to dip. This is the most fun I’ve had and didn’t take long, no uv/led lamps. Just a few steps and I’m done.

I have this strange feeling that Rossi Nails dip powders will be a staple in my nail arsenal. This whole dip powder thing really had me intimidated to the point that I was never going to try it out, very happy that Rossi reached out to me and I got a chance to try it.

Ever wanted to try dip powders, I would highly recommend trying it you’ll love it and have fun. It’s a great alternative if you can’t stand the smell of monmor.

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