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A hybrid primer-serum that softly blurs the skin, reduces the appearance of pores and imperfections, and creates a brightened, fine-tuned effect. Get a silky, tuned finish with Skintune Blur.

This multifunctional primer-serum is lightweight, hydrating, and leaves a soft, powder-like finish. It contains vitamin C to brighten and even the look of skin tone, mushroom-derived poria cocos to soothe, and cucumber extract to condition skin.

I was looking for something to blur my pores when this first came out and I didn’t buy it right away because I like to read the reviews first (normally). So I got a different product and waited. While that product was good and almost gone, I decided to stop by my local Sephora for a sample of this recently. After using the sample once I ordered it!

When I got the whole bottle I fell more in love! Not only did I find that it is true to what it says- it blurs your pores (mine are small but noticeable to me) AND I found it to be a bit tacky- which I feel like made my makeup stay in place all day!

I’m not an oily person but to hide my little pores and keep my liquid makeup in place all day I really like this product! You don’t even need to wear makeup with it- you can wear it alone to blur if your pores bother you without makeup! Overall great product!!

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